David Rey

Youth Intervention Specialist

At a young age David sought out to find who he was and he found his identity in the Gang Life Style. This led David into making a series of life altering decisions. His choices while involved with gangs would end up destroying many lives. David, along with his own family also suffered great loss. At the age of eighteen he was facing more time than he had lived; sixteen years to life. While in the California state prison system, David found a way of gaining some education, earning three college degrees and becoming a certified braille transcriber. These achievements allowed him to help others and give back which is his new identity today. David is now part of the solution to a better community for all, not the problem. Almost two years out of prison, David now works every day helping others. He is a community Liaison and compliance officer in transitional living homes for The Eternity Challenge in Rocklin, CA. David also joined the Prison Families Speaking Team in 2016. He is a living testimony that inspires all who meet him. “Christ in me is how I am able to shine in the darkest of times to those in need of seeing the way out of the muck and mire.