Clay Rojas

Founder and Executive Director

Clay Rojas is a graduate of William Jessup University with distinction. He majored in Psychology and Theology and currently engages in research of brain science, trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Clay is a formerly incarcerated person who transformed his life through faith in God, love of family and the practice of self awareness & forgiveness. Clay’s life is now dedicated to helping others become the best version of themselves.


Clay has the very unique experience of a carreer in the military (USMC) and law enforcement prior to being a federal inmate. He has experienced what it means to lose everything and his road to redemption includes sharing his amazing story with you.


Clay’s audiences have ranged from federal judges, educators and teens in juvenile detention. Clay speaks on various topics revolving around social justice and rebuilding broken people affected by incarceration. What can you do? If we are to become a society of second chances, then we must actively engage our marginalized communities. Learn how to become engaged in this movement of forgiveness, redemption and justice by having Clay speak at your next event. You will be inspired to intervene.