Speaking Engagements

AMERICA’S PRISONERS: The next generation of champions. The next great workforce

Clay travels throughout the United States showing companies/ Human Resource departments big that America’s prisoners are the next generation of champions. There is a workforce full of bright minds and open hearts ready to be your next employee of the year. With the right process in place, American companies can harness the power and potential of the approximately 600,000 men and women being released from prisons annually.

TURNED: The challenge of Information Security and the Ethics involved

Go beyond the obvious battlefront of information security and explore the psychology of leaking information. Clay is a 13-year veteran of law enforcement and military combined. He has held various security clearances and has had the responsibility of being a steward of sensitive information. Clay made decisions regarding the handling of that information that eventually landed him in Federal Prison. How? What are the signs/ red flags? How do you keep your employees alert and how do you know if somebody is leaking information? This keynote is for information security specialists, general employees with access to information and human resources personnel.

TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH: Clay shares his fall from grace and his successful re-entry into society

Clay teaches how to stack the odds in your favor for a successful reentry by teaching a few basic principles. This presentation is full if comedy, sadness and the experience of a man who fell, but did not stay down. For churches, reentry programs/ conferences, prisons etc.

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