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Your Health Care Grievances

The process to address a health care grievance begins by filing the appropriate “Administrative Remedy” and following the correct protocol (C.F.R- 542). Everything is governed by the Code of Federal Regulations and the system is set up to make sure the complainant is determined. The process is made to wear you down until you stop filing the paperwork. There is also cost involved with making the required copies and mailing the forms out when appropriate. The cost is on you.
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The Truth About The Federal Bureau of Prisons and Medical Care

There are many myths associated with the type of care that a federal inmate receives while they are incarcerated in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Medical care is a major issue in the federal system. The B.O.P is responsible for the care of every inmate, ranging from the common cold to an inmate with disabilities or chronic illnesses. It is no mystery that prisons are overcrowded. The problem of overcrowding brings along with it several other logistical issues. The ratio of staff to inmates has plummeted in the last 20 years, this includes medical staff. When the Bureau of prisons faces high operations cost due to overcrowding, one of the first departments to incur budget cuts is the medical department. Continue reading “The Truth About The Federal Bureau of Prisons and Medical Care”