About Us

Focus and care while providing superior service.

Purpose and Activities
We are a family resource center and counseling provider for families of prisoners and at-risk youth with incarcerated parents. We also provide counseling to pre-trial and post conviction offenders out on bond or bail. By providing stability, intervention and counseling to families impacted by the incarceration or pending incarceration of a loved one, we  can effect the impact of mass incarceration on the community by reducing recidivism and the family cycle of incarceration.

By proactively engaging in intervention with families of prisoners, we accomplish the following:

Reduce Crime Rate
We help create a stable and healthy environment for the family and the offender upon his/her return to society. This helps to ensure that the offender will not return to criminal activity for economic gain. This also breaks the generational cycle of incarceration.

Impact on Economy
The effect of mass incarceration on the economy is staggering. Tax payers and the government cannot sustain our inmate population and prisons are already overcrowded. Also, the sheer number of people coming home with non-violent felonies on their record disqualifies thousands of otherwise qualified candidates from employment. This is devastating our workforce and economy in the US.

Impact on Social Services
Social service agencies are short-staffed and underfunded/underpaid employees are overwhelmed by the increasing need for services. We can reduce the need by breaking the cycles we mention above.

Impact on the Quality of the Community
Our number one goal is peace, safety and quality of life for all. If we reduce these dangerous elements of crime, poverty and recidivism, we can greatly improve the quality of our communities nation-wide.